Take Back Your Life After an Injury

Take Back Your Life After an Injury

We handle personal injury law matters in Jackson, MS

If you're suffering from a personal injury, you're not out of options or hope. Johnson, Anderson, & Butler PLLC takes a variety of personal injury law cases in Jackson, Mississippi. We understand you're going through a stressful time. You can trust us to explain your options thoroughly and file your claim correctly.

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Don't go through this process alone

Navigating a personal injury claim is complicated. Johnson, Anderson, & Butler will help you get the financial support you need to land back on your feet. Your personal injury attorney will:

  • Investigate your claim to see if you have a case
  • Gather evidence to support your argument
  • Negotiate with your insurance provider on your behalf
  • Prepare a complaint if your insurance provider denies you
  • Represent your interests in court, if needed

We won't leave your side. Contact our firm today to discuss your case with a personal injury attorney.